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aas, logoThe Academy of Architecture of Serbia was founded on 26th April, 1995 in Belgrade,  Kneza Miloša Street 7a, Serbia.
The Statute  of the Academy of Architecture of Serbia in Article 2 defines the duties of this professional association as follows:
1. Collecting and researching scientific and cultural literature in the field of architecture;
2. Organizing on its own or in  association with  other organizations, professional conferences, seminars, round tables and various other types of professional improvement in this field;
3. Issuing books and other publications on architecture all in accordance with the law;
4. Cooperating with different professional associations at home and abroad which are engaged in architecture and town planning. Preserving and initiating the protection, in association with relevant institutions, of architectural heritage which represent historical and cultural values. Protecting public interest of the profession and enhancing architecture as a physical frame for the establishment of human end ecological rights.
AAS is registered  with the Ministry for human and minority rights of Serbia and Montenegro by Resolution No.210-1801/2-2004-06 of 10th Dec., 2004. which stipulates as follows:

1. AAS – The Academy of Architecture of Serbia is registered in the Register of associations of civil and political organizations which are under the Ministry of human and minority rights, as an association of citizens, on the registration page no. 2747  under ordinal no. 7666.
2. The Head Office of  AAS – the Academy of Architecture of Serbia is in Belgrade, at Kneza Miloša  Street 7a.
3. AAS – the Academy of Architecture of Serbia is represented by its President Bojan Kovačević (March), the President of the Management Board.

Members of the Management Board of AAS are:

  • Dragoljub Bakić dipl.eng.arch.
  • Branislav Mitrović dipl.eng.arch.
  • Milenija Marušić dipl.eng.arch.
  • Branislav Jovin dipl.eng.arch.
  • Slobodan Giša Bogunović BA (Honours) Philosophy

Executive Secretary of AAS is:

Vesna Zlatanović dipl.eng.arch.

 +381 11 3230 059       +38 11 3239 754